Ladies and Gentlemen, things are a lot different in the country than it was some few years ago. – quickest way to make money in nigeria

The entire country is teeming with people who are seeking out newer ways to make money in Nigeria.

With gradually limited opportunities and an increasing number of people turning up in the labor market,

it’s now time for you to create your own opportunities. – how to make money in nigeria as a student

Find your own way to make money here in Nigeria, and you wouldn’t have to

be at the mercy of the unforgiving labor market as it is now.

I know, you must have heard this quite a number of times, it’s even a buzzword you see around social media these days.

Well, that’s because it’s true! It’s real! You’ve got to make the move! 

Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to be left to your devices, and do all the work all by yourself,

especially at this point when the secrets to the ways to make money in Nigeria

isn’t something you find without thorough searching.

how to make money in nigeria as a teenager

Which is why I’m here with this post, to lead and guide you to the newer, more appealing

ways to make money in Nigeria so that you don’t get bummed out trying to do it all by yourself.

It’s my pleasure to do this, to make things easy for folks who find the labour market a little harsh and unforgiving.

I only ask that you stick to the end, and take a look at what part of this piece you would be implementing in your work life,

so as to break those hold you’ve been experiencing on the work front.

Without further ado, I would get right into some of the hottest, in-demand ways to make money in Nigeria, right now.

Ways To Make Money in Nigeria

Start a YouTube channel

Perhaps you might not have realized, but starting a YouTube channel is currently one of the easiest ways to start making money in Nigeria. 

To give you an idea of how promising YouTube is, YouTube gets a whopping 5 billion views every single day! –

money making ideas in nigeria

Now, whatever calculations you can come up with, that number translates to an awful lot of money.

So, looking to have a cut of that amount of viewership isn’t a bad idea at all; starting a YouTube channel is definitely the right way to go.

how to make money online in nigeria without spending a dime

Now, I know starting a business (let alone a YouTube channel) isn’t as easy as I make it sound,

and it’s not everyone that’s cut out for stuff like that.

But when you consider the fact that all that needs to be done on a YouTube channel,

is to create attractive video contents that would bring in viewers, and then subscribers, then followers, 

It becomes hard to just pass up the idea of starting a YouTube channel.

Once you start having followers on the channel, the channel can then be monetized;

 And your earning potential is unleashed, reaching as far as you can manage,

based on the revenue avenues that you explore.

make money online in nigeria 2018

Also, if you’re stomped on what contents to put up on your YouTube channel, should you decide to start one,

I’m happy to help out with some of the most trending YouTube niches.

You could do tech videos, which is like hot cakes these days; or offer tutorial videos, which would keep people coming over and over again.

Or you could just try Vlogging, which entails publishing videos of your everyday life; that’s a nice idea,

for the bold and the fearless, and would earn you some really good fame and fortune.

Of course, I understand that starting a YouTube channel can be capital-intensive,

and might not be as quick to gratify as many would have wanted,

but, hey! It’s worth it, and from the success stories that abound on social media,

you’ll never regret going down the route in few years to come.

YouTube is the trending thing these days, and it would do you a world of good if you consider it,

especially when you’re comfortable with being in front of the camera and making videos.

Start a Blog

I don’t know how many you must have heard of the word “blog” or people telling you how lucrative it is to start one, but I’m telling you right now,

that blogging is one of the tried and tested ways to make money in Nigeria, without stress.

See it this way, you might have contents you’d really like to share (say, you write a lot),

and you’ve been looking for a means to monetize them; Blogging is your best bet at that moment.

There are several ways to make money through blogging: you could decide to use your blog to sell e-books or online courses,

you could offer freelance services on your blog, you could even go full-on e-commerce and start selling products on your blog.

The best way to start is to design the blog, and then attract the audience using various strategies you must have learned.

The point is, blogging is a literal goldmine that anyone can tap into, provided they are willing to be committed to it.

It’s very easy to start and doesn’t hog your time. 

If you’ve got a full-time job already, blogging plays nicely as a part-time venture, flexible as can be.

Don’t quit your full-time job for blogging at the start! That’s risky.

Although, with time, if you begin to see that the returns on blogging are beginning to outweigh that of your full-time job

(it eventually will, if you do your homework well), then by all means, quit your full-time job and focus on blogging

However, it is never a get-rich-quick scheme, therefore, you need to understand that it would take time and effort from your end.

Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

ways to make money in nigeria

I’m going, to be honest with you, you’re already helping to sell a lot of products, just don’t know it.

From the Facebook post about that fancy shoe, you shared with your friends, to the perfume brand’s Facebook page that you liked,

You’ve been promoting products and brands all this while, you just didn’t know it.

well, now that I’m telling you, and you are aware, why not monetize it?

The way you can monetize what you promote is by becoming an affiliate marketer.

It is becoming an increasingly popular way to make money in Nigeria, and it’s really to ride along as well.

As an affiliate marketer, all you’ve got to do is to promote a brand or a product,

and then you receive a commission for a particular quota of sales that was achieved through your promotion.

As you can see, it’s something anyone can do, provided they’ve got sufficient persuasive skill.

ways to make money online

Even at that, it’s a lot easier than I make it out to be, and it’s a fantastic way to earn passive money.

You can utilize social media, and all of your accounts, in promoting a product or a brand you’ve agreed to be an affiliate marketer for.

Of course, you know the higher sales made from your affiliate link, the higher your income.

It’s easy, quite alright, but it’s still got a bit learning curve to it.

Being an affiliate marketer is kind of the “in-thing” these days, and that’s for good reasons.

You would be earning from doing nothing other than just putting affiliate links in places where they could easily see and click on it.

You can register with several popular affiliate programs, and receive a link which you can propagate through social media

(now is the time to put the power of social media into good use), you start receiving earnings once you hit a particular quota, simple!

Write an E-book

If you think your writing skill is better than average, then you really should consider writing an E-book. – another ways to make money in nigeria

It’s the smarter way to earn some revenue from your writing skills.

E-books are like normal books, only that they do not need a publisher, or a printing press, or any of those physical elements.

They are purely digital, and that is a huge advantage and opportunity to anyone who is willing to see it and take it.

online business in nigeria that pays

For one thing, you only need to type! That’s all!

You can decide to publish on a blog, where people can come to purchase, or you could publish it as an Amazon Kindle.

Whichever one you decide to choose, you are not bound by a publisher or a book stand before you sell your E-book.

You’re the sole determinant of how well you E-book sells, by virtue of you propagating it through advertisement and digital marketing. 

If done correctly, E-book sales could be the cool money-spinner you really want (and need) at this time.

It is an easy, passive way to make money in Nigeria if you’re comfortable with writing.

Become a freelancer

You could just buck the whole other ideas, go the Rockstar route, and become a freelancer.

At this point in Nigeria’s Labour Market, it’s only the fittest that’s surviving.

And for you to be fit, you need to have the level of flexibility that freelancing affords. It’s not often I say this but “freelancing is the way!”

As a freelancer, you get to sell your services and skills, on your terms and get paid by the client who needs your services.

ways to make money in nigeria tips

This process has been made really easy by the emergence of solid freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr and so on. 

You can decide to do it part-time, and combine freelancing with your other engagements;

or you could engage yourself full-time, depending on how well you’ve been able to sell your service and skills.

The sweet thing about freelancing is that you could sell any service or skill, and still make money,

so, even if you’re a system programmer, as niche as it is, you can still earn money being a freelancer.


This is 2019, and in Nigeria, it is not enough that you come out of a tertiary institution with a very good grade in order to beat the labour market. 

In order to secure employment opportunities, you need to create your own employment opportunities. It’s just what it is!

Now, I’ve reviewed some of the most popular ventures that are most likely to give the needed financial gratification you need.

how to make money online in nigeria pdf

It’s now on you to consider them, and see if they could help you.

Bear in mind, that these ventures are every bit as serious as every other conventional job out there.

If you take Blogging, Digital Marketing, Freelancing, and so on, as serious as a white-collar job,

then you’ve gotten the right mind-set to making money in Nigeria as it is now. 


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