If you’ve not used your MTN SIM for a long time, you should get MTN Welcome Back 1GB for N100 right now.

It’s a new offer that MTN rolled out to welcome back old subscribers, and it would give 1GB for N100, which would be valid for 30 days.

I’ll be telling you how you can get it on your MTN line, and if you are eligible in the first place.

So, jumping right in, I’ve got to tell you, this offer is highly SIM-selective and random at the same time; not everyone would be eligible for the offer.

That means it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a new or old SIM, you might or might not get the offer.

To check if you’re eligible for the offer, dial *131*100# (make sure you don’t have up to N100 on the line at that moment)

If you get a response of insufficient balance, then your MTN line is eligible for the offer. If your SIM isn’t eligible, you get the message saying “You’re not eligible for this offer”. You can try another MTN SIM for it.

To activate the MTN 1GB offer, recharge your MTN line with N100, and simply dial 131100#. You get the prompt to subscribe for the 1GB, and that’s about it!

Conclusion on MTN Welcome Back 1GB for N100

MTN is giving 1GB for N100 through their Welcome Back offer. However, it is random; you might or might not get it regardless of whether the SIM is old or new.

But then, if you’re eligible, it’s really a good value to have; if you aren’t eligible, you can try another MTN SIM which might turn out to be eligible.


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