Here is another guideline on How To Get MTN 1GB for N200 and 4GB for N1000 through MyMTN App,   even though have previously written on how to get Airtel 1GB for N200, 2GB for N500 Special Data offer respectively   But before I forgot Airtel is becoming the Second Largest Telecom Network in Nigeria and that was why I posted about internet updates previously.  

When I realized many people are unavailable to activate the data due to the fact that their sim card is not eligible for the offer.

Today, I will give a detailed explanation of how to activate this offer with the use of MyMTN app.

This article will reveal all you need to know about the offer and how to resolve the problem of the ineligibility of your sim card.

Brief description of MTN Welcome Back: MTN 1GB FOR N200

MTN welcome back is an offer from MTN network provider which rewards MTN subscribers that have kept their MTN sim card inactive for 30 – 180 days,   this implies that the welcome back offer is available to MTN users that have spent 30 to 180 days without performing any activities on their sim card.   MTN welcome back offer works on all sim cards, either new or old regardless of the tariff plan.   If you have tried this offer before and doesn’t work,   you will have to keep your sim card inactive for at least one month which is equivalent to 31days and you will be eligible to activate the welcome back offer from MTN automatically.  

NOTE: the inactive we’re talking about here, is keeping your Sim card for the specified period without any activities.   The aim of this article is to make the activation of the MTN welcome back offer easier for everyone that is willing to make use of the welcome back offer opportunity.   MTN 1gb for N200 worked on welcome back offer also give the eligible users a bonus of 2000%   on their first recharge if one month and special Data bundles as specified above for one month.

How To Activate MTN Welcome Back Offer Through MyMTN App.

• To resolve the problem of the ineligibility of your sim card, you have to make your sim card inactive for at least one month

(i.e remove the required sim card from your mobile phone completely for one month). After which you have kept your sim card inactive for at least a month,

then proceed to Google play store to download MyMTN App mobile App or click here to download the App.

And if you have the App on your phone already, then don’t bother to download the app again.

• After which  you have made the app available on your phone, lunch the app and  then register on the app (MyMTN App mobile app)

if you have not sign-up and after successful registration, you will see a notification like a message

at the top of the app saying “Get Welcome Back Data, Click Here “as shown below.

Tap on it and you will see the special data bundles as listed below:

  1. 250MB for N100 valid for 3 days.
  2. 1GB for N200 valid for 7days.
  3. 4GB for N1000 valid for 30 days.

The special data bundles as specified above are 100% cheaper than the official data bundles. And they can be enjoyed for 3 months non-stop.

• Make sure that you have the amount that matches your preferred welcome back data bundle available on your phone and subscribe to it from MyMTN App mobile app.

How To Activate MTN Welcome Back Offer With USSD Code.

If you’re eligible for the welcome back offer by keeping your MTN sim card inactive for one month,   you can simply dial *131*65# and the special data bundles will be presented to you for activation with ease. You can then select any data plan of your choice and activate it.

For How Many Days Can I Enjoy The Welcome Back Offer After I’m Eligible FOR MTN 1GB FOR N200?

You can enjoy the welcome back data offer for 3 months, which means that you can keep activating the data bundles for 3 months after you sim eligibility and after 3 months, the offer ends.

How Can I Keep Enjoying The Welcome Back Offer?

The trick to keep enjoying the welcome back offer is very simple and easy since the only way to be eligible for the offer is by keeping your sim inactive for one month, then all you have to do to continue enjoying this offer is to have 2 extra MTN sim cards, and after keeping one inactive for one month, use it to activate the welcome back offer and keep the other one inactive while you enjoy the offer on the sim card you have kept previously and vice versa.   I hope this article is helpful to you? MTN 1GB for N200 Share your thoughts in the comment box.



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