As of the time I’m writing this, you can now get iOS 13 for your iPhone, the commercial stable version of the new OS is now ready for download.

The fun part of it all is that you can download and install it all by yourself, and I will be showing you how in this post.

So, as I get right into the details, I’d like to state that the new OS is compatible with iPhones no older than iPhone 6S (sorry, if you’re using iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you won’t be getting iOS 13).

The seventh-generation iPod Touch is also in line to get the new OS, so, if you happen to use that device, you’re in luck.

iOS 13 for your iPhone
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So, let’s jump right into the steps to take to get iOS 13 for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Step 1: Back up Your Data.

This is the first step to take when upgrading to a new OS. It ensures that all your important stuff are safe and sound when your iPhone has the new OS installed.

Luckily, the process is straight forward and easy, so you shouldn’t have issues backing up your data.

However, make sure that the battery charger on the iPhone or the iPod Touch is over 50% (most preferably, ensure it’s fully charged), and also, the battery health shouldn’t be less than 70%.

Step 2: Check for the Update; Download and Install.

After you must have backed up your data, you’ll then check for the iOS 13 update.

Generally, it should have been pushed to your iPhone, as Apple are prompt with software updates.

Also, you should note that the size of the iOS 13 update is around 3GB, so, you would need a data plan that’s suitable for such heavy download (why not check the Airtel 4.6GB Plan for N200 deal, or the 4.5GB 9Mobile plan for N500 if you like)

To check for the update, connect to the internet and open up Settings. Go to General and then click on Software Update.

It will begin to search for updates for your phone, and within a few minutes, it would bring up the iOS 13 updates, and give you an option to download it.

As it is familiar with iPhone or iPod Touch users, iOS wouldn’t allow you to download a file of over 200MB over cellular. This then means that you would have to use Wi-Fi to do the download.

If you’ve got the Wi-Fi connection ready, just proceed with the download –after accepting the terms and conditions- and then install it once it is completed.

Conclusion on iOS 13 For Your iPhone

IOS 13 has been around for quite a while now, although that has been in its beta version.

When the new iPhones –iPhone 11 series—came out, the OS became stable and available for users to download and install.

You can get the taste of the new OS for your iPhone or iPod Touch as early as now.

Just follow these steps, and you’d be enjoying iOS 13 in no time.


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