I would be breaching on an unusual yet familiar topic; you could kinda call it “uncharted territories” – how to start okrika business with digital marketing

because it is away from the conventional methods.

However, since I am true to guiding and teaching people about practical business opportunities,

I think whatever I will be discussing today, will be just as helpful, insightful, and educating business wise.

Okrika Business Nairaland

Well Okrika business is the trade involving used clothing items, carried out across the country.

This Okrika business enjoys patronage from across all social classes, especially the middle class and low-income class.

Having Okrika business has quite a reputation here in Nigeria; for one thing, a larger part of the Nigerian population are active patronisers of used clothing,

therefore isn’t alien to them, and another thing; it’s used clothing business, and people naturally have their reservations against something that’s been “used”,

even if they won’t hesitate to spend their money on it if they feel they would be getting better value that way (which is almost always the case).

how to repackage okrika clothes

Regardless of whatever opinions people have of Okrika business, it is a very good business idea;

it’s got a huge market which means more profit potential, and it’s very easy to start up

for a low as N5,000, you could be up and running.

Now, combining this business idea with the immense potentials of digital marketing,

you have a super-charged business opportunity that could see you making huge amounts of money in no time.

How To Start Okrika Business

So, in this article, we would be explaining, in full details of course, the fundamentals of starting Okrika business,

and how to combine the idea with the power of digital marketing in order to increase its profitability.

Why Okrika business?

This is something we feel we need to get out of the way, and clear the air on the reputation of the business.

Without any doubt, Okrika business is good business, a really good business even.

Furthermore, there are a number of compelling reasons to consider getting into the business, if you are out looking for business ideas.

The Nigerian population is large (200 million plus people isn’t something you scoff at)

and steadily growing, and being that clothing is one of three most primary needs of life,

we naturally have a huge, inevitable market for clothing here in Nigeria. Then again,

not everyone can spend a lot of money on clothing:

needless to say, not everyone can buy “designer wears”, or some other expensive clothing options.

How to make money in Okrika Business

Okrika business looks to cater for people who can’t afford expensive clothing, and those

who are looking for a more striking value for money whenever they spend on clothing.

Low-income earners and middle class people fall within this category,

but it is not unusual to see higher income earners looking to buy from an Okrika business too.

It is easy to see that Okrika business has a high demand from virtually all social classes in Nigeria.

Okrika business is basically trade in cheap, used clothes. While this sounds a bit derogatory, it isn’t half as bad at all.

cheap second hand clothes

Clothing in Okrika business is cheap, but “cheap” doesn’t always bad; in fact, Okrika

business some of the best value for money, as far as clothing in Nigeria is concerned.

It is the one thing that draws patronage to Okrika business from a wide range of people,

and they keep coming back for the affordability and value for money they get.

how much is a bale of okrika

Okrika business also offers durable clothing at an incredibly low price, giving people all the more reason to demand for it.

Also, there’s a uniqueness to Okrika business, and that’s in the fact that stocks are rarely unsold;

there is no incidence of making a loss from unsold clothing stocks.

Locally, Okrika traders refer to this feature as “everything must go”; where all unsold items could be sold off in a clearance sale.

It is evident that there is very difficult to lose in this business, as it is virtually impossible to have unsold items.

second hand clothes uk

People might worry about the fact that the market might get saturated with people getting into the business,

but that shouldn’t deter you, there is enough room to spare for one more entrant, and

provided that you know what to do, and how to go about it, you would definitely get a piece of the action.

Okrika business is incredibly cheap to start up, and sits firmly in the low-capital business territory.

You’d be paying next to nothing (asides buying the actual stocks)

to get started up, and as low as N5,000 is enough to get substantial stock.

You don’t even need to worry about getting a shop or a stall,

there are several other ways to go about it that doesn’t require you have a store.

Getting Started

We jump right into how to start Okrika business in Nigeria.

First, you’d need to learn a lot about the workings of

Okrika business in the locality you would like to operate in.

Ordinarily, every business idea out there has a bit learning curve, but Okrika business takes things even further.

With Okrika business, it’s not enough to just “read up” and learn all the theories about the trade;

it also requires that you pair up with someone already in the trade, and actually learn the trade.

used clothes in bales price suppliers

Try to gain an actual experience in Okrika business, and learn first-hand the intricacies of the

trade from someone who has already been there (or someone who still is).

Learn the popular locations of Okrika business in Nigeria, or at least, find the location

the major Okrika market in your area; go there and take physical notes of the places.

okrika in cotonou

Next, you’d need to learn the Grading system of Okrika clothing, and how clothing are being

graded based on where they are coming from, their quality, and how neat they are.

three major grades of Okrika clothing

Basically, there are three major grades of Okrika clothing: Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C.

  • The Grade A is the grade of clothing that has rarely been worn before, therefore has no defects.
  • Grade B is a step lower than Grade A, and is the grade of clothing that has little stains and signs of wear.
  • However, Grade C follows after grade B, and is that grade of clothing that has a major sign of wear and tear, and has visible stains.

how much is a bale of okrika 2018

Needless to say, Grade A is the best grade, while Grade C is the worst grade (we would like to call it the “least best” grade, but that’s not even English!).

There’s the mixed grade as well, and that is just the combination of the three grades.

The knowledge of the grading system would come in handy when it’s time to fix prices;

you’d exactly to price a particular piece of clothing based on quality, and ultimately grade.

where to buy okrika bale in cotonou

Then, you would need to have an idea of what is contained in a bale of Okrika clothing.

Typically, Bales of Okrika clothing can be imported form countries such as United Kingdom, United States of America, and China;

Bales from United Kingdom are generally preferred, although they are the most expensive of the three sources, while China is the least expensive.

The contents of a bale of Okrika are a mix: you’d find women’s wear (leggings, gowns,

ladies suits and blouses), men’s wear (Jeans, Chinos, men’s suit and shirts), and full babies’ wear.

how much is a bale of okrika 2018

You will now need to figure how much you’d need as start-up capital, luckily, that comes in tiers:

you have the entry tier, where you’d have to buy from clearance sales, and buy the cheapest of the cheap Okrika clothing.

Usually, Entry Tier wouldn’t cost anything more than N10,000 (could be even less than that, if you know where to look).

How to make money with Okrika using Digital Marketing

Then there’s the Mid-tier, where you’d buy from people who have bought Bales of Okrika clothing;

in this tier, you have the liberty to pick out the best quality pieces of clothing in the bales, and pay for them right away.

As expected, the start-up capital is marginally higher for this tier, but even then, it still costs well below N50,000.

used clothing online

Lastly, there’s the High-end tier, which entails buying bales of Okrika clothing directly,

Again, you’d expect that this tier requires a start-up capital of upwards of N100,000,

but shouldn’t exceed that, unless you’re aggressively considering quantity.

Considering all three tiers, it is recommended to start from the entry tier, and then work up to the high-end tier,

that way, you’d be stating small, and working your way up to the top of the heap.

How (and where) does digital marketing come in?

Now that we have covered the most part of the fundamentals of starting Okrika business,

we need to discuss the ways digital marketing comes to make the radical changes to how you’ll sell and make lots and lots of profit.

We must have stated it before (and if we haven’t, we are doing so now) that there’s no business

that digital marketing can’t work with, and in this case, it could work with a seemingly unrelated business as Okrika business.

Okrika with Digital Marketing

Before the advent of digital marketing, there are conventional means to selling your Okrika wares.

First, you could rent a space in an open air market, and pay the “area boys” that are in charge of the market, or you could get a store

(which can be locked up, of course) and pay monthly fees and charges for it. If you have the means to do either of those options,

you could resort to hawking your wares, moving from place to place and selling to people as you go (seriously, this isn’t as bad as it sounds)

While these methods of selling Okrika wares are valid even up to this day, one can’t help but feel that it’s becoming too conventional.

okrika bale in abuja

While most people won’t see anything wrong in the conventional scheme of things,

there’s no getting past the fact that it is hard to break even when you do something everyone

else (or a lot of people) is/are doing, the exact same they are doing it.

The only two ways to stand out, is by doing something different from what everyone is doing, or doing the same thing they do, but differently.

In Nigeria, as things are now, these are the only way to be unique and make more money.

okrika bale in abuja

But for a business such as Okrika business, which is inherently conventional, simply

because the same methods have been used over and over again, and still works, doing

something different can be hard, and sometimes unsuccessful.

Digital Marketing is the perfect solution to this issue, and if applied well, it would come

in and transform the business, making it unique, and more noticeable.

Digital marketing integration might sound too unconventional, but it is a necessary step to making more money from Okrika business.

How to start Okrika business with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the process of creating awareness about a business, using digital means.

It is also the utilization of digital tools to extend the reach of a business to more areas.

It is important to know that digital marketing is basically creating a digital profile for a business,

so that it can reach more people (who would later become potential customers) digitally.

Here are some of ways digital marketing can be integrated into Okrika business:

Create a digital Brand for the business

We know it sounds a bit odd, but stick with us till the end, we promise we would sense.

So, you’re wondering “what has digital branding got to do with Okrika?” well, we are just discovering

the relationship too ourselves, and we found out that it really makes a lot of business sense.

Traditionally, Okrika business doesn’t need any form of branding; if you want to buy some used piece of clothing,

you go to the Okrika section of the market, find the seller you prefer, and buy from there, as simple as that.

Times have changed, and you could really do with some edge over the competition.

One of the surest way to get that edge, is to create a digital brand for your own Okrika business.

How to Start Okrika Business With Digital Marketing

There are several ways you can go about it: one, create a business profile on the various

social media there are; get a twitter handle, a Facebook Page, an Instagram handle and more.

Fill these profiles up with information about what you do, and don’t be ashamed to hold back on any info,

you’ll be surprised how many people would actually be interested in patronising your business,

especially when it is such a novel thing to them for an Okrika trader to have a social media profile.

How to Start Okrika Business in Nigeria

Once you’ve set up a business profile online, people would get to know you, even before they get to meet you in person.

Also, you get to reach out to more people that are not necessarily within your locality,

and automatically means you have potential customers outside of your area!

Without digital marketing, your customer base is mostly limited to your immediate vicinity

(unless you’ve spent a considerable number of years and you’ve become quite popular), but with it, your customer base could cut across a wider region.

Promote your Brand

The next thing to do, after setting up a social media business profile for your Okrika business, is to promote it.

Tell people to share your profile everywhere: urge your followers on Twitter to retweet your posts,

share your social media links to the different people on your contact list, and urge them to do same.

Engage in discussion around clothing, and popularize your trade using trendy Hashtags.

The goal is to get word out about your business to as many people as possible, and given the far

reaching power of social media, more people would get to discover your business, far more than what word of mouth might have done.

Expand your Reach – How to Start Okrika Business

So, you’ve done the aforementioned things and people are beginning to know what you do, and sell.

It would get to a point where people would start contacting you to buy from you, and

then some of them aren’t within your locality; that is when it’s time to expand.

Expansion is not something elaborate, it just means that you begin to plan to cater for people that are not in your immediate environment.

There are several ways to go about expanding the business

  • You could set up a delivery system whereby customers would order for your goods, and then you will deliver to them as soon as possible. This sounds a bit too chic for Okrika business, but trust us smarter way to trade and you get a huge edge over your other contemporaries who may have their stalls or stores somewhere in the market, another thing is that it makes you different and unique, and people love unique things. Take note, however, that the delivery system might increase the cost of goods, so, set your price at a point that would cater for the convenience of the buyer as much as favouring you, the seller. If the price is set too high, people wouldn’t buy, since they can use same money to buy something that’s not “used”; if it’s set too low, you won’t be able to break even. Thus, the price has to be just right. Utilise social media to organize orders.
  • You could open an online store, and market your business from there. The edge you would have is the pricing; it has to be slightly lower than other clothing sellers. An online store could help improve the perception of people about Okrika, and once they are interested in the kind of clothing you sell, there would be a high demand. Other than that, owning an online store gives you the opportunity to switch between Okrika and sales of other kinds of clothing, without losing the customer base.
  • You could dropship. This is perhaps the easiest way to start Okrika business with digital marketing. All you need do is to advertise on various social media that you sell Okrika, and once there is an order, you buy from a local Okrika dealer you already know, and then you deliver the order, as straight forward as that. You do not need to actually buy bales of Okrika clothing yourself, and you don’t need to stock up the clothing somewhere. However, using this method could mean you’d be making a little less than you would have been making if you did it the traditional way. The profit margin may be slim, since you act as an intermediary between the buyer and the actual seller, but still, considering the fact that, with this method, you started out with virtually zero-capital and are making something out of it, then it’s worth it in the long run.

how much is a bale of okrika 2018

From the above methods of implementing digital marketing in Okrika Business, it can be seen that

digital marketing can greatly improve the profitability of the business and give the business owner a far more superior competitive edge over his contemporaries.

With digital marketing, the Seller of Okrika clothing is able to market his goods to more people without having to necessarily own shop;

at the same time, the buyer of Okrika clothing doesn’t have to leave his house to buy

the clothes, as it can be brought to his doorstep through digital marketing.

This goes how profitable and convenient Okrika business can be, both for the buyer and the seller, when digital marketing is involved.

Limitations of Digital Marketing in Okrika Business

There are certain limitations to how well digital marketing can work with Okrika business.

Firstly, the major contributor to the customer base of Okrika clothing are the low-income earners and the middle class, only a tiny fraction are the rich.

This means that majority of Okrika clothing customers may not have access to the full features of the things digital marketing has to offer:

some don’t have bank accounts to be able to carry out online transactions, some are only half literate

and therefore do not know the know-how of social media interactions, and some don’t even trust something they can’t see or feel for themselves.

To solve this issue, one would need to combine the traditional methods of selling and

marketing Okrika clothing with digital marketing, so as to get the desired results.


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    130,000 – 100,000 = 30,000 naira (worst case scenario of 30% profit).

    Using a worst case scenario, we made about 30% gain. Imagine now, you
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