Yeah, you read that right! how to make N2000 daily in Nigeria, and I would be telling you how to earn that.

Whether you’re a student or a graduate with a job, you do realize that earning a little cash on the side wouldn’t be bad at all.

Considering the present state of the country’s economy, you wouldn’t go wrong earning something extra, especially when it’s being made daily.

Now, there are ways you can make N2000 daily in Nigeria, and I’ll be talking about some of them in a moment.

So, here goes: the things you can do on how to make N2000 daily in Nigeria.

Take Part in Online Surveys

There are a ton of online surveys (I’m sure you must have come across some), and you can take part in them to earn money.

Truthfully, not all of them pay well enough, but the ones that do (like YSense, formally known as ClixSense) pay as frequently as daily.

Do check out YSense, and take part in their online survey.

How to make n2000 daily

Do Affiliate Marketing

Just like online surveys, you definitely must have heard of Affiliate Marketing (if you use the internet frequently).

But I tell you now, that you can make a steady daily income of up to N2000, or even more, by doing affiliate marketing.

Find an affiliate marketing program that pays well (preferably one that doesn’t require you to have a blog) and start earning.

Be a Freelance Writer

If you have good writing skills or as much as thinking you have good writing skills, become a Freelance writer and start earning daily.

Just find Blogs and websites that employing writers (and pay well too), and get on with it.

I would also advise having like two or websites you write for, to have more income earning potential.

Be a Drop-Shipper – How To Make N2000 Daily in Nigeria 

If you’re more comfortable with buying and selling, Dropshipping is for you. Now the most interesting thing about Dropshipping is that you sell what you don’t physically have.

All you just need to do is visit sites like, and advertise goods there so that when customers want to make their orders, they go through you.

With Dropshipping, you would be making a lot more than N2000 daily.

Conclusion on How To Make N2000 Daily in Nigeria 

With the way Nigeria is right now, you just can’t rely on one stream of income, you’ve got to “diversify”.

Now, that diversification doesn’t have to be hard, you can easily earn on the side, if you know what to do.

Luckily, I’ve searched around, and have found some activities you could get into to earn a steady N2000 or more daily.

You need to get online, do something legitimate, and make money; it’s really what it is.


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