It is not how far but how well, Glo 4G LTE is now available on Band 3(1800) in Nigeria, although Glo is one of the best networks in Nigeria with a lot of subscribers.

Glo is the grandmaster of data and a lot of subscribers major complaint is their smartphone doesn’t support Glo 4G band frequency.

But there is goodness, Band 3 (1800) is now available on Glo network.

Globacom Nigeria is coming up an initiative that is bound to send shock-waves of excitement amongst Nigerians.

The promo will create thousands of Nigerian entrepreneurs by doling out tools of the trade and other equipment that can be useful for establishing businesses.

Earlier this year it was reported that the telecom company was working to extend its 4G LTE frequency to band 3; the same frequency band Airtel and 9mobile make use.

Glo NG is already rolling out Band 3 frequency and subscribers

from different cities in Nigeria has confirmed that Glo 4G LTE is now available on Band 3(1800).

How is Glo 4G in your Location?

At the moment, you can access Glo 4G LTE on Band 3(1800MHz) and Band 28(700MHz).

If you’ve abandoned your sim chip because of the epileptic Glo 3G network,

it’s time to dust it and access the new 4G LTE band on your smartphone.

The new Band 3 supports most smartphones except

if you are not using a smartphone or a supported 4G device or an upgraded Glo 4G SIM.

Kindly let us know if your smartphone has detected the Band frequency and let us know your location.

As for me, it has been a while since Glo LTE band 3 surfaced for my end but still slow.

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  1. Okay. Mr Poster how do we check that we are actually browsing with Glo band 3 and not the old band 28?
    And can you tell us the cities that have been connected to the new band ?
    Am intrrinter because I use Glo a lot.
    It’s my first SIM and I do make monthly subscription of data on it.


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