It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like free stuff, and when it’s free N100 airtime on MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile, it’s always welcome!

It’s nothing much anyway, just N100, but when you consider that it’s FREE, that wouldn’t matter much.

I would be showing you how to get free N100 airtime on MTN, Airtel and 9mobile networks (it’s totally legitimate by the way if you’re wondering).

So, straight into it, the N100 wouldn’t just materialize from thin air; it’s all part of a program called Msurvey Program.

This program is only available for MTN. Airtel and 9mobile users only, and it entails taking a quick, easy survey.


All that takes is sending an SMS, and getting on with the survey, to get the free airtime.

For MTN and 9mobile, SMS “Wazobia” to 6030 to get on with the survey and get your free N100.

For Airtel users, SMS “Wazobia” to 34464 to finish the survey and get the free airtime. Note that the SMSes are free.

After the survey, you instantly receive the free N100 airtime.

Conclusion – Free N100 Airtime For All Network 

It’s not a cheat or a hack, it’s a simple survey program that gives you free airtime when you finish the survey.

It might be little, but that shouldn’t bother you at all since you’re not paying for it anyway.

Besides, some of us might sorely need N100 for some reason or another; having this program on standby gives some sort of convenience.

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