No matter how frequently you use the like and react button on Facebook, the social media giant thinks it’s high time the facebook hide likes and reactions like and react counts get hidden.

This is definitely a weird development, and not everybody would like it but it’s what it is.

Very soon, you will no longer see Like, React and video view counts on Facebook posts and Ads.

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I will be explaining the reasons behind these developments,

and how it actually affects you.

The whole idea is to have people like and react to posts without seeing how many others have interacted with the posts.

Like and react counts would still be visible to the author of the post,

just not going to be made public.

The reason for this is probably because Facebook realized how these counts could be weaponized by people.

If people see the like and react counts to a post,

they could agree to withdraw their likes and reacts,

just to spite the author of the post.

For example, a post with 70,000 likes could be dropped down to 15,000 likes if those that contribute to the likes decide to withdraw their likes.

Facebook thinks if it removes the option to view the counts,

it makes the author protected from such an incident.

Currently, the change has been rolled out in Australia,

and Facebook hopes that the data gathered from there will determine if the change would be had in more places.

Facebook is running a similar change on Instagram as well.

Conclusion on Facebook Hide Likes And Reactions

While everybody might not like the change,

it’s not something to be too bothered about.

Since the author of the post still sees the number of people who liked or reacted to his post, it’s okay.

Perhaps, the author is the only person who needs to see the counts after all. 

I wouldn’t deny though,

the change would kind of take the fun out of adding likes to funny posts.


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