How does getting Airtel Triple data offer for your money? Great, right? Well, Airtel has brought out its Triple Data offer and it’s worth your look.

It means you get 2.2GB for N500, 4.5GB for N1000, 10.5GB for N2000, or 15.5GB for N3000

These are all three times the value of what you would normally get for the respective price.

Now, how can you get? You ask. I’ll be showing you the steps to getting the offer for yourself.

The first thing to do, is get yourself a brand-new SIM or find an existing SIM that’s not more than three months old.

Airtel triple data offer

Now SMS Get to 141, and then MIFI to 141 before subscribing. The messages you get afterwards, ignore them.

Proceed to buying a data plan; choose Airtel Free Surf when you get to that point of the process; also, don’t select Stop my Data option.

That would be it! you get three times the data plan you purchased, instantly! Remember, the triple data would last as long as the original data plan lasts; that is, if the original data plan you subscribed for would last for 14 days, then the triple data equivalent would last for 14 days.

Conclusion on Airtel Triple Data Offer

I’d be surprised to see someone who hasn’t come across this Triple data Offer.

It’s been around for a while, and in fact, it has been around for three years now.

Anyway, aforementioned are the steps to enjoying the data offer. It’s official, clean and working; you should try it out today!