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You asked, and now, we are offering and inviting you to a number of advertising opportunities we have right now:

The price largely depends on if you’re writing the content or we’re to do that. Please download our rate card for more information.

Contact us on +2348161397400info[at]paulgeek[dot]com[dot]ng or simply fill the form on our contact page.

NOTE: We reserve the right to change our advertising rate at any time. We only accept ads from businesses and startups we consider to appeal and add value to our audience.

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We reserve the right to reject any advertisement if they advertise or link to any content we deem inappropriate.

We would promote all sponsored posts through our social media channels, and share these posts to our email subscribers.

Once you want to order for a sponsored post on our site, contact us via [email protected]

Banner ads based on impressions can only be purchased from a minimum of 5,000 impressions.

We also can’t control for how long an impression-based banner ad will run, and definitely can’t spread the impressions over a period of time.

Call +2348161397400
Email – [email protected]


Your post will be published like every one of our posts and in the sponsored category according to the standard FTC guideline.

(BONUS) We won’t just publish your post, it will be search engine optimized and that’s one thing we’re really good at that.

We don’t trash our contents, so it’s going to be on our site at least for 2 months.

Your post will also be shared on our social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter)

Once your payment is confirmed, we’ll start working to publish your post and it will go live within 12 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Advertise With Us

Q: Who writes the post?

A: The draft of the Sponsored Post could either be written by the advertiser and edited by our team, or written from scratch by our writers for a fee.

Q: How long does the sponsored post stay on the site?

A: The post and links are guaranteed for 2 months. Realistically speaking, the post will remain permanently, as we don’t trash old posts, but we can guarantee 2 months minimum time.

Q: Is the post featured on the homepage for a certain amount of time?

A: It depends on how much content that’s being published on Depending on the type of post, it might be on the homepage for a few days at a time.

Q: Are there companies that you don’t accept Sponsored Posts from?

A: We look for advertisers that are relevant and interesting to our readers, so if we feel an advertiser’s content isn’t a good fit for the kind of content we want on, then we will either suggest a different advertising option or won’t accept the Sponsored Post.

Q: Will you publish my post on social media?

A: Yes, be rest assured your Sponsored Post will be published via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just like the rest of the posts on

Q: How any pageviews will my Sponsored Post get?

A: The amount of pageviews is dependent on arbitrary factors such as the type of post, and the traffic is receiving at that point in time. 

Q: How many links do I get?

A: Sponsored Posts receive a maximum of two links: one do-follow link with the anchor text of your choice and then one more no-follow link in the content of the piece.

Q: Can I buy a text link on your site or sponsor an existing page?

A: Yes. But only for related existing content and this costs $100.

Q: Do you offer a discount if I buy multiple Sponsored Posts?

A: Yes, we’re sure to give you a discount of up to 15% if you order 2 posts at once.